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Linkcity Czech Republic

VCES Property Development a.s. became Linkcity Czech Republic a.s., reflecting its focus on creating vibrant, connected and sustainable developments.

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B&B Hotel

The new hotel building with a total of 160 comfortable guest rooms and underground parking is located in the centre of Prague.

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Oáza Michle

The building is situated on a longitudinal plot of land between the Botič stream and a parallel road.

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Residence Lehovec

The apartment complex with 71 apartments, 2 offices and 7 ateliers.

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Top House Wellnerova

The project is situated in the proximity of the historical centre of the city of Olomouc.

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Projekt Pražská

Pražská project involved construction of four apartment houses with 301 flat and 200 indoor parking places on the northern edge of city Olomouc.

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Polyfunkční dům Pernervoa

This six-storey multifunctional building offers parking places in the basement, commercial area on the first storey and 25 apartments.

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Viladomy Zámostí

A small residential complex comprises two separate villa houses with 5 apartments each with parking in the first floor of the building.

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Bytový dům Hostivař

This apartment building has 62 apartments, 6 commercial units and 60 garage parking places. The object is designed in shape of letter “U” with open courtyard.

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Bytový dům V Kolonii

Multifunctional building with 71 apartments and underground parking is design in shape of letter U and with 3 different facades by architecture style and colour.

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VCES Property Development a.s.

VCES Real a.s. became VCES Property Development a.s.

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Bouygues entered the Czech Republic construction market.

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Bytový dům Harfa

The apartment house with 120 apartments was designed as a selfcontained U-shaped building around a central atrium. Parking in the first and second floor.

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Bytový soubor Topolovka

The housing complex comprises three separate apartment houses with a total of 89 apartments and underground parking.

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Obytný soubor Dobrkovice

It is a residential complex with 38apartments in quiet neighbourhood on the edge of Český Krumlov.

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VCES REAL s.r.o., Member of Group

VCES Real s.r.o. was created.

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Francis Bouyques founded Enterprise Francis Bouygues

Francis Bouygues founded Enterprise Francis Bouygues, a Paris-based company specialising in industrial works and construction. He set up design and methods departments and started applying industrialisation principles.