To fulfil our objective of sustainable, profitable growth within our chosen marketplace, it is essential that Linkcity Czech Republic a.s. continues to develop its business in an innovative and responsible manner.

Our core activities are the development, management, design and construction of bespoke building solutions and Linkcity Czech Republic a.s. deliver these ensuring the wellbeing of people, communities and the global environment remain at the heart of our actions.

The fundamental objectives and the guiding principles for the management of our personnel and supply chain partners revolve around:

  • The safety and physical welfare of all personnel and supply chain partners and the safeguarding of their health.
  • The satisfaction of our Clients, exceeding their expectations by challenging traditional constraints, promoting innovation whilst delivering added value.
  • Maximising the benefit to the communities in which we work through initiative and investment. Minimising our environmental impact by actively targeting a reduction in our ecological footprint.

To ensure the achievement of these objectives, Linkcity Czech Republic a.s. are committed to an independently certified 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and 18001:2007 integrated Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental management system called ‘EUREKA!’. Risk management orientated and process based, ‘EUREKA!’ is applied to all Linkcity Czech Republic a.s. activities by a workforce with a unique spirit and a resolve to continuously improve all levels of delivery. The Linkcity Czech Republic a.s.  Annual Improvement Plans ensure intelligence gained from experience, performance monitoring and stakeholders is captured and used to cultivate our business.

With the support of our Executive Committee, I will personally ensure this commitment is communicated to all our stakeholders and that all parties understand their role and contribute actively through exemplary attitude and achievement.